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Ectomorph Bodybuilding – 5 Bodybuilding Strategies the Ectomorph Needs to Know

As an ectomorph bodybuilding you are probably aware of the struggle to gain weight , increase muscle mass and increase in size , no matter how much you eat or train.

Unfortunately , most available in the press room bodybuilding advice is not really geared toward the ectomorph bodybuilding and hard gainer and so can seriously hamper your efforts to gain muscle mass if you follow what they recommend.

Here, I offer strategies bodybuilding endomorph that can really help build muscle and gain weight quickly without becoming a gym rat .

You are what you eat

The most important aspect of ectomorph bodybuilding is to get your food law . My favorite saying is “if you want to get BIG , you should eat BIG ” … and this is also true endomorph .

It is necessary to dramatically increase your daily intake of calories and divided into 6 meals . This ensures a steady supply of calories and energy to power the muscles, which is essential as an ectomorph bodybuilding has a naturally high metabolism.

Reducing Cardiovascular exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are great for fat loss , but it can make building muscles a little more difficult , especially for the ectomorph bodybuilding.

As our goal is to do a great work fast , we must create a surplus of calories, as much as possible (hence why we eat a heck of a lot more each day). In this sense, cardio that our lives more difficult , since more calories , which could be used to develop our muscles burn .

A good ectomorph bodybuilding routine fitness has a small element of cardio, usually as a warm up , or just short sessions once or twice a week.

Work out not more than three times per week

Most ectomorph bodybuilding who start a fitness routine in the mistake of thinking that more is better, after all , they must “catch up” with everyone in the gym do you train ?

This is a big mistake. Ectomorph bodybuilding training requires you to not more than 3 times per week ( with a duration of between 45 minutes to 1 hour each) , leaving the critical day of rest between each workout and avoid the possibility of overstraining . Rest is essential for muscle growth, as this is when most of the growth occurs … not in the gym .

Focus on compound exercises

A solid ectomorph bodybuilding routine is mostly based on compound exercises as opposed to isolation exercises because they recruit more muscle groups and muscle fibers of the year , resulting in faster muscle growth.

Compound exercises like squats, dead lifts , bench press and bent over rows are the bread and butter of any bodybuilder ectomorph bodybuilding, which allows you to lift heavier loads and generate more testosterone that feeds the big muscles, strong and better.

Lift heavy with low reps

Usually , most guys lean can not raise enough weight on your ectomorph bodybuilding workout in the belief that a large number of repetitions is the most beneficial muscle building.

However, the secret of ectomorph bodybuilding lifts as heavy as possible on a smaller number of repetitions, for example 6-10 , and ensure that the last rep is almost impossible to fulfill.

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