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Book Myshow – Everything You Need To Know

All Quiet on the Western Front is a book written by Erich Maria is Remark myshow It was written to reflect the human cost of war book. It shows us how war has a hidden that most people do not see until it is too late face . In the novel, describing a group of young people who first think war is glorious . But as the war drags on , the group discovers that the war is not all that is offered . As the war continued, saw their friends killed or injured permanently .book myshow Then the end comes when there was only one person myshow

book myshow All Quiet on the Western Front takes place in Germany, where he first encourages a group of young men to enlist in the army. Thinking it would be a great adventure , they are committed , not knowing the fate that awaits myshow At first , the group is sent to training. They are not in a serious mood , think that war conditions are not as bad as they really are . When children come to the front, it is only then they begin to realize that war is not great .book myshow This is when children are crammed into the trenches. Some of the soldiers were in shock because of the constant bombardment. When one of the children was injured , was rushed to the hospital where there were many wounded myshow Some soldiers had to have amputated body parts to survive. When Emmer was in the hospital , Muller ask your boots . The boots were visible boys reminder of the cost of the war. Paul must face his own conscience when he kills one of the French .book myshow He does not see the face of an enemy, but one side of another human being . He tries to console himself with the promise to help the family of the fallen soldier . After Paul is relieved from the front line , licensed decided to leave and go home . But when it comes to tell everyone horrible conditions of the trenches, everyone makes fun of him,book myshow so called a coward. Paul returns before leaving really finished , wishing he’d never come home . Finally, when Paul loses Kat, Paul realizes that the war is to destroy their way of life . He lost all his friends and has nothing to myshow

Book Myshow – Everything You Need To Know

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