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Beyonce Diet? A Must Read For You

The call Beyonce Diet is a crash diet and may not be for everyone .beyonce diet This is a quick body detox fasting and diet.
Beyonce says she ” never recommend this to anyone accident plan, unless it is necessary, and you have the right help. ” It does not make sense if you also strong and fast detoxification routine as regain the weight they lost shortly after .beyonce diet
Beyonce diet is also known as the ” maple syrup diet ” , and she lost 22 pounds in 14 days.
This “diet” involves no solid food. Instead , it is a mixture of lemon juice, medium maple syrup , water and cayenne pepper in the form of a smoothie. You can enjoy hot or cold.
This fasting as a crash diet Beyonce need extra help , it does not contain any solid food, even if it contains valuable vitamins .beyonce diet As we do not eat food that we need to support and help our digestive system to avoid problems such as constipation.
Beyonce drank laxative tea every night and every morning , 30 oz hot water with drinking salt which serves a similar purpose as an enema. ( We said this “diet” we may not be for everyone !)
The recommended duration of fasting and detoxification procedure is 10 days . Warning completion of feeding, where the breakdown of Quick Start drinking natural juices for a day or two, then soups , followed by fruits and vegetables per day is required. After aa crash diet that you can not resume a normal diet at night.
Here is the recipe Beyonce Diet:
* 1 cup ( 8 fl oz ) of water or a source of purified water .
* 2 tablespoons ( 1 fl oz ) lemon juice freshly squeezed
2 tablespoons syrup ( 1 fl oz ) Class B maple
* 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper mixed – or as much pepper as you can handle.
Beyonce regime is interesting because it combines elements of fasting and detoxifying the body . It is a form of fast, lose weight fast action and may not be for everyone.beyonce diet

Beyonce Diet? A Must Read For You

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