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Understanding Weight Loss Metabolism in Simple Terms

The body weight of a person is usually designated in conjunction with your metabolism. A thin person is said to have a higher rate of metabolism, and otherwise is said to be the case of a person who is not so thin. A high rate of metabolism calorie burn at a faster rate , resulting in a thinner body. If this is correct , then we can safely use metabolism to be our ally when it comes to losing weight.(metabolic weight loss)
By far, the metabolism rate is actually slightly correlated with our weight. However, it is very simplistic to conclude that results in a low weight gain metabolism and vice versa. Metabolism is not the cause of the loss or weight gain . Our body does not work that way .(metabolic weight loss)
Take a minute to understand what metabolism is and then we’ll try to connect you with weight loss .
To put it in simple terms , metabolism is simply the rate at which calories are burned for energy in our bodies. However, the rate at which the energy (measured in calories ) is exhausted . (metabolic weight loss) In other words , metabolism is the chemical reactions that occur in our body, in which the food we eat is converted into energy . And energy is necessary for us to live – including breathing, moving , and conduct our daily business life insurance .(metabolic weight loss)
(metabolic weight loss)The word “rate” and ” speed” are used when the metabolism is described. This is the key to our understanding of what metabolism is – is essentially related to time. Or rather, it describes an aspect of time . If the process of burning food in our body is slow , so our metabolism is called weak.
(metabolic weight loss)
About 75% of the food we eat is used for basic metabolic rate, which means, cutting down on food intake cannot be relied on to lose weight. This is because our body has its basic metabolic rate to fulfill no matter what…

Understanding Weight Loss Metabolism in Simple Terms

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