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Pureed Diet For Weight Loss

Lap band surgery is an effective tool to reach a large number of weight loss method . After patients undergoing gastric band surgery ,pureed diet you must follow a strict new regime to be taken into account to prevent complications after surgery, such as belt slippage and vomiting.

 In addition, the new system will ensure that begin to form good habits that will help you lose excess weight . During the recovery period , there are specific time periods when food is placed in different textures pureed diet. You should discuss turn after power strip with your nutritionist to make sure you have a complete understanding of food.pureed diet

The following are some general guidelines on diet after lap band surgery :pureed diet

Lap Band Surgery – first day : After lap band surgery, it is very important to follow the steps of feeding after the operation carefully to ensure full recovery of the band.pureed diet You will take the water and suck on ice to stay hydrated. They will also drink clear liquids and protein liquid diet. The main objective of this step is to stay hydrated and allow healing .

Weeks 1-2 – Liquid Diet : You will be able to drink liquids like soups colada , fruit juices and vegetable juices without sugar,pureed diet milk, low fat yogurt and protein shakes .

Week 3 – Food Puree : You enter into a slightly textured foods that are rich in protein, then start introducing fruits and vegetables into your diet. Step purees prepares your body for solid food so it is important to go slowly and not rush your stomach is still adjusting pureed diet. Pureed foods are the consistency of mashed potatoes . Most foods that have been placed in a blender or food processor fall into this category .

Week 4 – A smooth transition to regular solid food per day 7 :pureed diet This step is the transition to eating regular food . You start with easy soft foods and then slowly move along .
To prevent swelling and irritation and vomiting, make sure you chew your food .

Solid foods : Once you can eat solid foods and only eat three simple nutrients and protein rich meals and two snacks per day pureed diet, if necessary. In addition, chew your food. \

After the introduction of solid foods to your diet ,pureed diet there are certain foods you should avoid. These foods include : bread dough , high-calorie soft drinks and high-calorie and fatty foods . In addition , eating , not eating between meals, eat only quality food and stop eating when you start to feel full . Drink plenty of water each day.

pureed diet Basically , you should eat healthy foods in a healthy way and the food..

Pureed Diet For Weight Loss

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