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Waterfront House Plans

While not being one of the most famous lakes in the country, Lake BJ is, however, a picturesque lake in the heart of the Texas Hill Country,waterfront house plans and offering beautiful views make for a luxurious stay in the center Texas . The lake is located on the Colorado River and was created in 1950 with the development of Granite Shoals Dam.

waterfront house plans It was originally called Granite Shoals Lake until 1965 when the name was changed in honor of President Lyndon B. Johnson, who owned a ranch along the banks of the reservoir. Today, most of the property on the shores of the lake is privately owned and the houses are built of Lake BJ in the communities of Horseshoe Bay , Granite Shoals, Kings land, Sunrise Beach and Highland Haven.waterfront house plans

Many homes are on Lake BJ waterfront property and offer stunning views of the lake. If you build a house in the area waterfront house plans , will integrate the natural beauty just outside your door in the design of your home. These are some of the ways you can make the best use of his property by the sea or lake view :

* Add items for outdoor living and entertainment ,waterfront house plans such as a limestone patio with outdoor fireplace , barbecue, wood stove or fireplace . Consider adding unusual features , as well as a ” nap swing” , a large swing -shaped mattress that combines the simplicity of a hammock with the comfort of a bed.waterfront house plans

* Build the closer to the coast as possible. Although it may be building codes against it in certain areas around Lake BJ ,waterfront house plans whose house is on the edge of the water creates a feeling almost of living on a boat .

* Make sure to bring lots of large windows overlooking the lake .waterfront house plans Some contemporary homes even have a row of windows , almost like a glass wall, which makes it difficult to know where the house is longer and begins the lake. If privacy is a concern , consider putting reflective polarized windows , which will not hinder the view of the outside, but it helps keep your home free from prying eyes. Dyeing metal quality is also a good decorative element waterfront house plans, especially in homes or modern west facing windows that reflect the sunset over the lake.

* If the front of your house by the lake , a large terrace is the perfect place to sit and enjoy the view . In addition,waterfront house plans this architectural element is often a key feature of the architecture of the Texas Hill Country . If your house is not directly on the water , can often provide a balcony overlooking the lake.

waterfront house plans Lake BJ Home Builders can give you many more ideas on how to take advantage of the natural beauty that surrounds your new home. Before deciding on an architectural plan, however, make sure you have explored all options and leave ownership of the pond in the design of the house.waterfront house plans

Waterfront House Plans

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