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Does Water Fasting For Weight Loss REALLY Work?

He had a lot of media covering the subject of water fasting to lose weight these days , and for good reason. Many countries around the world are trying to water fasting for weight loss , a period of 24 hours to a week or more .(water fasting weight loss)
But why water fasting for weight loss really do to your body?(fasting to lose weight)
As a result , it feels great – even more than most people think .(water fasting weight loss) However, today we are going to focus strictly on water fasting for weight loss and not other issues , despite coming into play as well.(water fasting weight loss)
So , as you know , your body is constantly burning energy as protein , carbohydrates and lipids. When you eat food, your body is the state ” fed ” and focuses on the digestion of food and the addition of fat stores in your body energy in the future.(water fasting weight loss)
When your body has nothing to digest , it returns to the ” fasting ” which begins to burn calories as well as healing your internal organs in a rather dramatic way.(water fasting weight loss)
But one of the most important things that happens after a few hours of having no food in your system, then your body automatically begins to increase production of human growth hormone (HUGH ) – one of the most powerful anti – chemicals aging and muscle building in the body.
(fasting to lose weight)After a period of 24 hours occurs between human growth hormone 5-600 % more than if you had food!(water fasting weight loss)
(fasting to lose weight)Thus, although many people think that not eating causes your muscles to failure, and to some extent they are right, in a period of 24 hours, the momentum of the human growth hormone compensates for the fact that no new proteins in your body thus retaining their muscles!(fasting to lose weight)
(water fasting weight loss)Furthermore, it has become increasingly more studies that when you water fasting to lose weight and levels of HUGH are , you begin to release more fatty acids in the blood, which also happens to burn fat .(water fasting weight loss)

Does Water Fasting For Weight Loss REALLY Work?

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