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Graphic Design Salary and Career Informations

If you’re a creative individual who has a keen eye for the aesthetics of design and you pay great interest to details, then graphic design might just be the right job for you. Many of those employed in the niche will tell you how much they love making a living doing what they do best and are passionate about.

The work market for graphic designers is growing steadily and is expected to do so until at least around 2018. This development has been brought about primarily by the ever-increasing popularity of the online world . Even so, due to the fact that there are already around 192,000 graphic designers employed in the Usa, there is considerable competition for every position offered.

New graduates of a Bachelor’s diploma in graphic design soon find out that there are many people who possess the same set of basic skills and that getting contracts and being hired depends on things like having many years experience in the domain, a large and impressive portfolio and a network of influential contacts. As a possibility future graphic designer, it is important to start building your portfolio early on by doing all design work you can get your hands on. If you are having trouble finding job, you can offer your services for free or complete some works of your own.

The normal graphic design salary in the Us is slightly higher than $48,000. If you compare the amount of education, and degree of expertise required to those of other careers that require a degree, it may seem that the earnings of a graphic designer is quite low.

This low average salary is due to the large supply of graphic designers that want work and the relatively small number of jobs offered for them to fill. When there are so many qualified people to choose from, employers find that some will accept a smaller salary in order to get a job. However, this is not always the situation. Some designers earn around $75,000 a year and a few of the most well-respected and experienced graphic designers make over $100,000 per year. Despite the relatively low salary, graphic designers generally have a higher level of job satisfaction compared to other careers because they genuinely enjoy the job they do every day.

The choice of being self-employed or doing freelance job provides the career with a degree of freedom that few other careers benefit from. Freelance employees are often paid by the project, which allows them to schedule their own working hours and only work the number of hours important to complete a project properly. Getting this into consideration, making $40,000 a year for only 20 hours of work per week on average doesn’t sound that bad. This way you can make a good living and have plenty of time to spend doing things you would not have time for working the standard 40 hour work week.

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