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Home Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly – 5 Tips

Here are 5 tips for aerobics and strength training – you can do at home to lose weight quickly .
Tip # 1 : Squats: Your buttocks and leg muscles are the largest muscles in your body. Every day, before the mirror , put your feet shoulder width while facing forward and squat – and up 10-20 times for 2 or 3 sets . This will build your leg muscles and buttocks. (fast weight loss exercises)As you increase your strength , try holding 2 or 5 pound dumbbells in your hands while you work.(super fast weight loss) Be sure to warm up, and stop if you notice any sharp pain in your knees .(fast weight loss exercises)
(super fast weight loss)Tip # 2: Pushups : Push ups are a form of strength training : during a break arms have to support up to 70 % of their body weight. (fast weight loss exercises)Do 2 or 3 sets of 20 pushups to build arm strength and increase your RR .(fast weight loss exercises)
Tip # 3: Puppets : Puppets are a great full body aerobic workout you can do at home. Make 4 or 5 series of 20 jumps , or as needed.(super fast weight loss) Tip: If you live in an apartment or stay in a second floor ,(fast easy weight loss) be considerate of your neighbors out or turn them into a room on the first floor.(fast weight loss exercises)
Tip # 4: Fast walking : While walking is in itself a great aerobic exercise , fast walking is even better for burning fat. Make sure you really stretch first and warm up with regular walking . (fast weight loss exercises)Once you start your fast paced walk , (fast easy weight loss)try to maintain as much speed as possible for as long as possible. If you are tired , try doing intervals of fast walking followed by short periods of slower walking .(super fast weight loss)
Tip # 5: Stepping : Stepping is a great way to get your heart rate and burn calories.(fast weight loss exercises) You can use your stairs at home, but for best results I suggest buying specialized stackable step carpet and stacked at least 15 inches ( 38 cm) . Do 2-3 sets of 20 steps each to begin ..(fast weight loss exercises

Home Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly – 5 Tips

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