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California Business Portal

We understand and respect that embraces new technology certainly orientation .california business portal To implement Microsoft Great Plains Business Portal – you should come across a guide implementation and understand the architecture of enterprise portal and how it integrates with back office – Microsoft Dynamics GP.california business portal

 You must understand what is and what is GP Business Portal , where they ” shared territory ” – both SQL and use participation data and how BP uses GP connect, MS Exchange, Terminal Services , how to document the process of BP and how it moves to GP ; creating and sharing BP GP data , reports, etc.california business portal

Documents workflow or typical GP . Please consider these modules as BP management applications . We will try to follow the life cycle of the document CRM california business portal. In Business Portal: Requisition of employees creates and presents to management for approval. Manager ( from the approval hierarchy) examines PR , make the necessary changes ( selected provider , costs , prices, inventory item , the site – or all of these decisions are available to the approver in the hierarchy, based security settings BP CRM) and the document passes through the approval hierarchy , eventually reaching purchasing secretary.california business portal

 Purchasing Manager creates the purchase order ( or adds to existing lines PO for the same vendor ) – at the moment the document reaches the Great Plains. GP is presented as the purchase order california business portal, which the GP approval ( this is usually not as complicated as in BP CRM) . When PO is approved GP – be sent to the selected supplier and official PO . Supplies suppliers generally requested by the elements of the supplier’s invoice and california business portal, in some cases , the supplier invoice is sent separately – these two scenarios GP are treated as receiving and PR with vendor invoice

california business portal BP is the GP or extension. As you can see in the example above – Application management module BP could be considered an extension of the Great Plains . Same conclusion applies to HR and Employee Self Service Module – This module requires either BP or GP pay GP modules of human resources ( or both) implemented in GP back office .

BP hosting or databases.california business portal Microsoft Great Plains allows you to add objects : tables, views, SQL , stored procedures , triggers of existing databases and Dynamics GP (database system GP) and the company database california business portal. “Authorized ” means – these personalized items will not be removed from the GP version update.

california business portal GP tables names are not ” human friendly ” DIV , GL – These are probably just named UNIX traditions BP tables names, however, are easily recognizable : Crematorium and Emptiness – these names you probably recognize non BP puts ? dynamic tables and databases of company data , and to create the report BP- GP – it shall examine the tables and views of the Palestinian Authority and GP tables research : Tools -> resource descriptions -> tables.california business portal

Licenses or BP . This is the cost-effectiveness is achieved . You do not have to pay expensive licenses GP for their employees and individuals who have placed purchase requests (usually every office employees) california business portal. Instead of buying licenses to use BP (which is below $ 50 per user / employee )

or reorder , requisition version . Sometimes it is confusing topic.california business portal BP for GP 8.0 and 9.0 is completely rewritten . Net and type of legacy applications as ASP reorder , requisition , employee , etc. are rewritten and the Palestinian Authority . In other words – if you used..

California Business Portal

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