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Land Registry House Prices

Monthly housing price inflation rose 0.9 percent in January , bringing the average house price in England and Wales to 174,827 , according to official figures .land registry house prices

Since January 2006, average house prices gained 7.7 per cent and this is the first time since May 2005 there has been an annual growth of more than seven per cent more than two consecutive months of price ,land registry house prices according to the land Registry.

During the year, the price of single-family homes rose 8.4 per cent , while detached and terraced houses two living higher than the average 7.9 percent registry house prices However, duplex homes and lives below the average of 6.6 percent each magnification.

The data also show that the annual growth in London is well above the national average and stood at 9.9 percent in January .land registry house prices

” London can be seen next to Yorkshire and Humber and the South East as the most regular after the recent price growth drivers at home ,” said the land registry house prices

According to Home track , house prices rose 0.7 percent in February , the average home in England and Wales price to $ 172,000 .

Revised the British Bankers Association (BBA) figures showed that gross mortgage lending in January has increased significantly during the year, even if the data were reduced in December.

land registry house prices The results show that the gross loans amounted to $ 16.6 billion in January, which is 15 percent higher than the previous figure of 14.5 billion in January . However, the figure was much lower than that reported 18.1 billion in December .

Underlying mortgage net lending increased by $ 5.6 million compared to December increased by 5.7 billion .land registry house prices The annual growth in net mortgage now stands at 14 percent.

David Cooks , BBA statistics director ,land registry house prices said: “January has seen a steady demand for mortgage loans continues current mortgage debt remains high relative to a year ago , so the impact of higher interest rates, even to offer. ” .

The figures also show that a total of 141,200 mortgage approvals underlying average approved for house purchases a value 700 146 16 percent higher than the one-year loans .land registry house prices

land registry house prices According to the Council of Mortgage Lenders , gross loans reached a record 26.8 billion in January , which is an increase of 16 percent compared with the previous figure of 23 billion in January

Land Registry House Prices

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