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TOP Low Cost Business Ideas

Low Cost Business Ideas are sometimes difficult to find if you are looking in the wrong place and dreaming of piles of dollars. Ideas that are more practical and down to earth and should be something you had not considered expensive to do.low cost business ideas

For example, if you love to cook , you can start a small catering business that would not be very expensive to get and it will give you a good return on your money.low cost business ideas This is an inexpensive small business idea that can be started for less than five hundred dollars and could generate income almost immediately with the networking and good marketing.

I recently came across a guy selling a method to earn money by cleaning up the garbage in the upscale neighborhoods .low cost business ideas He sells a package that could be connected to a hydraulic truck equipment collection bins and automatically cleaned with pressurized water.

Your job is simply throwing garbage into the machine , press a button and when the bins have been cleaned , remove, and move on to the next house.low cost business ideas An interesting concept and would be a good business idea cheap if you already have a decent looking truck.

Once the owner of a cleaning service and it cost me less than two hundred dollars to start .low cost business ideas I had a small car that had already and most cleaning equipment needed at home already . I had a mop and bucket industrial and a couple of other things apart from a few business cards and brochures to buy. Customers were easy to find because many cleaning companies are not reliable and it was easy to sell against .low cost business ideas

I use my cell phone to a business line and I tell my potential customers to be reliable because they can get their hands on me,low cost business ideas as I had my phone number to professional / hip 24 7 . I sold the company after generating a steady income eight thousand dollars per month and put about half of that in my pocket every month.low cost business ideas

Another idea is a solid business pressure washing business .low cost business ideas They may be linked to a business window cleaning, cleaning company , cleaning or even a painting business. If you own a van or a small trailer , you can put your pressure washer on them and it would be almost ready. There are some cleaning products you need and maybe one or two steps , but you can be in business for less than two thousand dollars.

TOP Low Cost Business Ideas

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